Posted by uniquesoulhealing on November 9, 2019

We have received a testimonial from somebody who completed the Unique Soul Healing Programme and we are very honoured to share it with you all.

As a participant of the Unique Soul Healing Programme I learned so much about myself and how and why I felt the way I did. Unique Soul Healing has truly changed my life, it gave me the confidence and tools to deal with the trauma and sadness that was buried deep within me for many years. 

I now look forward to the future and I am enjoying learning and experiencing new avenue that are opening up for me. My life is now full of colour and hope. Unique Soul Healing has changed my outlook on life, you really have to experience it to see what it can do for you.

Throughout the course I was fully supported by my Master Tutor Janet, and her teaching style was informative but relaxed, comfortable and very encouraging.

Unique Soul Healing is something extremely special and has the ability to transform your life forever. It is so different to any other healing course that is available and it really should be experienced and shared. It has the potenetial to help so many people and change lives for the better.'


MJB.  Unique Soul Healing Participant July 2019.