Unique Soul HealingTM Book

In 2012, Corrina was given a directive that would not only change her life, but her Mum Janet’s life, extended family and all those she would subsequently meet.

She spent four years channelling and creating a new healing for the new wave of energies that are converging with our Earth.

In 2016 Unique Soul Healing was born and Janet and Corrina launched the Unique Soul HealingTM System, guiding people through an alignment of the twelve healing chakras to become receptive to healing energies, followed by five transformational steps. 

This book acts as the Foundation for the Unique Soul HealingTM System and introduces the steps to understanding who you truly are.

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St Germain's Directive
White Hawk’s Words

Part 1: The Golden Age
- The New Golden Age of Aquarius
- St Germain - Master of Wisdom
- Archangel Zadkiel
- Paul the Venetian
- The Violet Flame

Part 2: The Foundation
- Your Senses
- Chakras
- Disease (Dis-Ease)
- The I AM Presence

Part 3: Unique Soul Healing System 
- Overview
- The Cleansing Toolkit
- The Divine Energy Connector
- The Laws of Life Quadrant
- Inner Child Activator
- The Transformational Chakra Road-map
- The Ultimate Five Step Solution.